RELIEF Celebrates One-Year Anniversary!

We take a look back at the most popular stories on RELIEF since site launch a year ago. Image credit: maxborovkov/123RF Stock Photo.

We take a look back at the most popular stories on RELIEF since site launch a year ago. Image credit: maxborovkov/123RF Stock Photo.

Just one year ago, RELIEF launched with the goal of bringing the latest news, insights and ideas about chronic pain to anyone interested in learning about this burgeoning area of scientific research. Since then, we’ve covered the gamut of pain research, reporting on new advances emerging from the laboratory as well as the latest findings from patient studies.

As RELIEF moves into its second year, it’s a great time to look back at the stories that caught your eye over the past twelve months.

Migraine is one of the most common chronic conditions across the world, and so perhaps it’s no surprise that the top two most-viewed articles on PRF were on that topic. Grabbing the top spot was our interview with leading migraine researcher Greg Dussor, who runs a lab at the University of Texas at Dallas.

“The field has largely moved in the direction that migraine is a neurological disorder, meaning that there is something about the nervous system that is initiating and perpetuating a migraine attack,” Dussor told RELIEF in the interview.

While Dussor talked about the basic science of migraine—what scientists are finding in the lab using cells and animals—our second most popular article was a feature story on a new approach to treating migraine. Here, researchers are developing antibodies—natural products of the immune system—to counteract an effect of a molecule called CGRP that has been linked to migraine. While there is still much to learn and a ways to go before a new anti-CGRP drug is approved for use in patients, researchers remain highly excited about this new approach.

Here’s the full list of the Top 10 most-viewed stories published on RELIEF over the past year:

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  1. Treating Migraine with Antibodies: A Hopeful Path Forward
  1. The Roots of Joint Pain in Osteoarthritis
  1. As Medical Cannabis Moves Mainstream, Can It Provide Pain Relief?
  1. The Stress-Pain Connection
  1. Complementary Therapies for Chronic Pain: What Does the Research Say?
  1. Deciphering Chronic Low Back Pain
  1. Nerve Fiber Loss in Small-Fiber Neuropathy: It’s Not Just How Much, But How Fast
  1. Damage to Small Nerve Fibers in the Skin: A New Way to Understand Fibromyalgia?
  1. Understanding Chronic Pain: It’s All About Communication (in the Spinal Cord)

Neil Andrews is Executive Editor of RELIEF.