Recent Highlights

After a New Clinical Trial, Where Is a Promising Treatment for Osteoarthritis Pain Headed?
Results confirm that tanezumab, an antibody therapy, relieves pain, but joint safety remains a concern.

A New Proposed Definition of Pain
After nearly 18 months of collaboration, the IASP Definition of Pain Task Force is suggesting a new definition to better reflect current knowledge.

A Complementary and Integrative Approach to Easing Pain: A Podcast with Helene Langevin
In this RELIEF podcast, the director of the US National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health discusses the work the agency is doing, her own research on connective tissue, and much more.

Neurons Go Haywire During Pain From Nerve Injury
A new study uses nerve cells from patients with spinal tumors to identify changes in the nervous system underlying neuropathic pain.

I Feel Your Pain: Emotional “Mirror Neurons” in the Brain Respond to Pain in the Self and in Others
A new animal study shows that nerve cells in a part of the brain called the anterior cingulate cortex become active when a rat undergoes pain or watches another rat experience pain.

Physiotherapy for Pain and All That Jazz: A Chat with Romy Parker
Pain management expert Romy Parker discusses the importance of interdisciplinary teams to help manage chronic pain, the crucial role of physiotherapists on those teams, and her hopes for the future of pain management.