Recent Highlights

Positive Therapeutic Suggestions During General Anesthesia Reduce Pain and Opioid Use after Surgery
A recent clinical trial shows the benefits of positive suggestions for surgical patients

Children’s Pain: Making It Matter, Understood, Visible, and Better
In this podcast, authors of a recent Lancet Commission discuss the problem of pediatric pain and the way forward to improve the lives of children and adolescents with pain.

The Global Burden of Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Data Visualization
Conditions like low back pain and arthritis are among the most common conditions throughout the entire world and are making major contributions to years lived with disability.

High-Impact Chronic Pain: A Data Visualization
Fifty million of US adults have chronic pain and 20 million of US adults have high-impact chronic pain (HICP). Age, sex, education level, employment status, and poverty status are major contributors to HICP.

Seeing Acupuncture in a Completely Different Light: A Conversation with Vitaly Napadow
In this exclusive RELIEF interview, neuroscientist and acupuncturist Vitaly Napadow discusses the evidence for a beneficial effect of acupuncture on pain and how this ancient technique might work.