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    April 2013

  • Lives on hold

    BIM · April 29, 2013

    Low back pain can be a scary experience. When pain is perceived as being harmful or dangerous to the individual, it becomes something feared and avoided.But little is known in the literature about what people with chronic low back pain are fearful of and why.

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  • A new direction for the fear avoidance model

    BIM · April 25, 2013

    Almost everyone suffers acute pain. Why do most recover, but an unfortunate few descend a downward spiral of social, personal and economic disadvantage? One hypothesis that has been interrogated for two decades is the fear avoidance model. Nonetheless, the case is not settled and some might argue that the fear avoidance model has not lived up to its considerable expectations.

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  • Nature or nurture in low back pain

    BIM · April 22, 2013

    Clinical research into the management of low back pain has shown that the current available treatments offer, at best, only moderate effects. Our Spinal Research Group at the University of Sydney has been one of the pioneers in the field and most of these discouraging results have been produced by high quality randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews conducted by our group. Not surprisingly we thought that we needed a change in the course of direction of the spinal management boat

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  • Pain at your finger tips

    BIM · April 8, 2013

    Here, Gian Domenico Alessandro Magnifico Fantistico Iannetti and Flavia Eleganta Bellisima Mancini talk us through pain at your fingertips. They did a very groovy experiment that, for the first time, uncovered the pattern of receptive fields for nociception at the finger tips.

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