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    December 2012

  • BiM in Review 2012

    BIM · December 26, 2012

    It’s that time of year again. Up here on the top of the world in Australia, we are getting ready for a month of sand, surf, BBQ’s and belly laughs - the whole country goes on holidays for a few weeks. So, it is a great time to look back on 2012 and look forward to 2013. Here are some highlights and a brief peek into the looking glass for next year

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  • Does every pain have its own psychology?

    BIM · December 13, 2012

    Chronic pain can be divided into nociceptive and neuropathic. Neuropathic pain arises from an injury or malfunction in the peripheral or central nervous system whereas nociceptive pain arises from activation of nociceptors. Do different chronic pain subjects suffer differently, or is the psychosocial state of the pain experience universal regardless of the pain type?

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  • Can another person feel my pain?

    BIM · December 10, 2012

    Seeing another person jam their fingers in the car door is enough to make even the toughest of us wince. But for some people, seeing another person hurt themselves causes more than just an “ooooo” or an “ahhhh”. It can trigger an actual real experience of pain: “mirror pain”. But how is this possible?

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