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    November 2012

  • Putting the placebo out to pasture

    BIM · November 7, 2012

    I’ve long had this kind of fascination with the placebo effect, it’s like a kind of magic that even grownups are allowed to believe in. In fact, it’s a magic trick so good that you’d considered a bit off if you didn’t believe in it. This being the case I found it a bit traumatic when I first read a review of placebo effects in clinical trials that found that placebo effects were, if real at all, really not very powerful

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  • The Conversation acupuncture piece triggers a prickly debate

    BIM · November 5, 2012

    Neil OConnell and Lorimer Moseley just wrote this piece for The Conversation 'Acupuncture research – the path least scientific?' and it triggered some pretty heated debate - The Conversation stopped comments for fear of the abuse getting beyond what they see to be appropriate for the public space. It is indeed amazing to see how fired up and off-topic people get, and also how the main message of a piece can be lost when it clangs against core beliefs - reminds me of a good mate, Johnno Riley, who said 'You can't argue doctrine'.

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  • Don’t look and it won’t hurt

    BIM · November 1, 2012

    In every-day life, painful events do not occur in isolation but often comprise input from additional sensory modalities. As a consequence, certain sensory inputs, like the visual percept of a needle approaching our skin when getting an injection, are inseparably linked to pain. To reduce the pain, health professionals often advise us to not look at the needle prior to an injection. What's the evidence?

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