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    October 2012

  • Placebo Analgesia

    BIM · October 11, 2012

    One of the best workshops I attended at the IASP congress in Milano was on placebo analgesia, run by three very classy speakers: Luana Colloca, Ulrike Bingel, and Regine Klinger. I learnt lots about the neurobiological mechanisms of placebo and nocebo, and came away with lots to ponder.

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  • It hurts. It’s in my genes.

    BIM · October 8, 2012

    As we know there have been any number of chronic pain syndromes identified but most people don’t go onto develop chronic pain. What causes chronic pain in some people where others heal fine? This may be down to individual variability but if so is this caused by nature or nurture? Is the variability caused by environmental factors or inherited? This is the question that gave me the most pause for thought at the recent Word Congress for Pain.

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