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    June 2012

  • Fluid Ink

    BIM · June 27, 2012

    Genesis: To cut a very long story short, Smudj was born from a very dark period in my life. So dark that not a pin prick of light could be seen. I was on the knife edge of suicidal, wanting to be sliced into oblivion.

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  • A day in the life of a clinical scientist

    BIM · June 20, 2012

    I know that many of you out there are 'in the 'hood' with respect to writing and reviewing manuscripts. For the rest of you, here are some cracker reviews we got on a paper concerning the development of CRPS. I have had to remove some bits because they give away the journal and the study, which we will resubmit somewhere else. If you have any similarly complimentary reviews you are prepared to share, we could start a repository for them. Might make a good book one day....

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  • Skin: not as superficial as you think

    BIM · June 14, 2012

    A human foetus can do it, as can a newt, even a starfish has got it nailed; yet when it comes to you and I, regeneration is a struggle. That is not to say we can’t repair ourselves, we do so but the end result – a scar - can have a profound effect on the physical and psychological aspects of sufferer. Fiona Wood strives to change this. World renowned for her work with burns victims, she graced the recent NOI conference with her seminal ideas on tissue healing that were far from skin deep, enticingly asking: ‘can we think ourselves whole?’

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  • A sparkling, glittery threat to evidence based practice

    BIM · June 11, 2012

    What sections of a research paper do you routinely read. Honestly. The abstract? The introduction or discussion? On closer scrutiny most will manage the conclusion of the abstract. A whole paper boiled down to one or two sentences. Two new papers in the musculoskeletal field have just been published that speak loudly to this problem. The first is a fantastic cautionary tale...

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