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    November 2011

  • How should we measure body awareness?

    BIM · November 21, 2011

    Here at BiM, we do a bit of research that investigates what we call ‘bodily awareness’. We have incorporated some of that research into a recent review paper on bodily illusions in health and disease. Humbly speaking, that is worth a read if you are interested in the bodily illusions stuff like the rubber hand illusion and the use of vision to distort bodily awareness. That is not the point of this post however. The point of this post is to highlight a very decent systematic review from a couple of years ago. The paper looks at...

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  • Could manual therapy be the narcotic of pessimists?

    BIM · November 14, 2011

    I am an optimist but I am thinking about jumping the fence - joining the dark side of pessimism and excessive dread. Maybe I am being a bit hasty? I know we all think that there is little benefit in pessimism and that we would rather have an optimistic patient come in the door than a pessimistic one. But isn’t there some advantage to pessimism? It seems there might be and it seems I am just a little more interested in getting a few more pessimistic patients through the door....

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