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    October 2011

  • Is it time the memory worked again?

    BIM · October 31, 2011

    What sort of daily use do I give my working memory? Have I needed to mentally rehearse a phone number while dialling it? Have I bothered to calculate the amount of change I’m going to get at the checkout because the young assistant looks like they can’t? These tasks used to be common place but with smart technology all you need do is get on with life while silicon chips work out the answer. This could be troublesome if it spells a loss of working memory function.

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  • Check this out!

    BIM · October 27, 2011

    Pain is a universal experience. Pain is 100% of the time produced by the brain and we now know this includes all pain. No matter how it feels. Check out the animations in this Understanding Pain Video.

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  • Someone else’s pain—Are you in or out?

    BIM · October 24, 2011

    One of the bits of the brain I find the toughest to understand is the insula. We hear about it when the “pain matrix” is discussed. Just when I thought I might have got my head around it, findings like these by Mazzola and colleagues in Italy go and add more details into mix.

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  • Lumpers, Splitters and STarTers

    BIM · October 20, 2011

    In recent years there have been many debates about the disappointing results from clinical trials of treatments for non-specific low back pain. A recent study published in the Lancet looks at this again - is this the good news trial for back pain that we've been looking for?

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