Recent Highlights

A Diabetes Drug Corrects Pain’s Cognitive Damage
A new study offers the possibility that metformin could be repurposed to treat pain

Pain 101 Podcast: Gaining Control Over Pain
Pain psychologist Beth Darnall discusses how psychological treatments can help people to ease their pain, while Michael Saenger describes an innovative program that helps veterans suffering from severe, persistent pain.

Pain 101: How the Immune System Influences Chronic Pain
Microglia emerge as important players in the communication between immune cells and nerve cells.

The Brain Changes During Chronic Pain—But Non-Drug Treatments Can Change It Back: A Podcast with Catherine Bushnell
In our latest podcast, the NIH’s Catherine Bushnell discusses how chronic pain alters the brain for the worse, and how mind-body treatments like yoga, meditation and exercise can change it back for the better.

Gazing into the Crystal Ball of Pain Research
The future looks promising for the understanding and treatment of pain.