Recent Highlights

When Touch Turns to Pain
New research points to the protein Piezo2 as the culprit for allodynia.

Opioids and the Brain: What We Knew, What We Know Now, and What the Future Could Look Like
At the 2018 IASP World Congress on Pain, Jane Ballantyne advocated for the use of non-drug therapies that engage the body’s own opioid system to manage chronic pain.

Pain 101: Using Brain Imaging to Understand Pain
Brain imaging is proving to be a valuable tool to learn about what causes pain, and how to treat it.

Chronic Pain as a Problem of Interruption, Interference, and Identity: A Podcast With Christopher Eccleston
In this RELIEF podcast, Christopher Eccleston talks about some of the latest ideas from the field of pain psychology.

A Diabetes Drug Corrects Pain’s Cognitive Damage
A new study offers the possibility that metformin could be repurposed to treat pain