Recent Highlights

Important Announcement: The Pain Research Forum (PRF), the parent organization of RELIEF, has announced a major partnership with the non-profit International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) 
PRF will now fully merge with IASP and immediately benefit from IASP’s established infrastructure, expertise and long-term commitment to advancing pain research. All content on RELIEF, PRF’s sister site, will remain freely available so that we can further our mission to provide everyone touched by or interested in the problem of chronic pain with knowledge and information about the latest research findings, so they can participate in and elevate public discourse about this important health and medical issue. Read more here, and learn more about IASP here.

Pain 101: Looking to the Brain to Understand Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Pain Conditions
The idea of “FM-ness” is helping doctors to diagnose patients and come up with effective treatment strategies.

Migraine Sensitivity to Light: It’s Not Only About the Pain
A new study shows that light produces changes in the autonomic nervous system, and in emotions too, in migraine patients.

A New Way to Use Ultrasound to Relieve Pain
Application of ultrasound to “liposomes” releases an anesthetic into a nerve, relieving pain in animals.

Pain 101: The Latest Thinking About Pain Catastrophizing and Why It Matters for Chronic Pain
Catastrophizing predicts future pain and the response to treatment.

Brain Imaging of Pain: How Should It Be Used?
Ethical and legal concerns spark a report from an International Association for the Study of Pain task force.