Recent Highlights

Why Do Women Experience Chronic Pain More Often than Men?
Pain researchers look to the building blocks of pain to answer a difficult question.

Treating Chronic Pain With Non-Drug Approaches: What Does the Evidence Say?
A recent study shows evidence for long-term benefits of exercise, psychological treatments and other non-pharmacological strategies.

Building a Global Patient Alliance
At the 2018 World Congress on Pain, the International Association for the Study of Pain kicked off a worldwide initiative to incorporate the patient voice into pain research and care.

Playing “LEGO” with Botulinum Toxin: A Potential Alternative to Opioids?
A new study shows that modifying the toxin using a LEGO-like “protein stapling” technique can ease pain in mice.

A New Explanation for Itchy Eyes
Researchers identify nerve cells that cause itch in the eyelids of mice.

Coming Together to Put Patients First in Headache Treatment
A diverse group of stakeholders launch a patient-centered initiative that aims to overcome the stigma and other factors hampering care.