Recent Highlights

How Psychologists Can Help With Chronic Pain
In this RELIEF podcast, pain psychologist Beverly Thorn discusses her results from a clinical trial of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in disadvantaged populations to treat chronic pain, and much much more.

The Body Hurts, but the Head and Face Often Hurt More. Why?
The discovery of a new connection between different brain areas may explain the increased severity of head and face pain.

Looking to the Brain to Understand Chronic Pain
New brain studies presented at a recent neuroscience conference show why the experience of pain is more than just a physical sensation.

Understanding Migraine Triggers and Barriers to Treatment: A Chat With Richard Lipton
In this RELIEF interview, migraine expert Richard Lipton discusses what epidemiologists have learned about migraine, including triggers of the condition.

The Path to Chronic Pain from the Body to the Brain: A Podcast With Robert Coghill
In this RELIEF podcast, pain researcher Robert Coghill discusses how the brain contributes to chronic pain.