Recent Highlights

Kids In Pain
Research is showing how kids hurt—and how to help.

Pain 101: Looking to the Brain to Understand Fibromyalgia and Other Chronic Pain Conditions
The idea of “FM-ness” is helping doctors to diagnose patients and come up with effective treatment strategies.

Migraine Sensitivity to Light: It’s Not Only About the Pain
A new study shows that light produces changes in the autonomic nervous system, and in emotions too, in migraine patients.

A New Way to Use Ultrasound to Relieve Pain
Application of ultrasound to “liposomes” releases an anesthetic into a nerve, relieving pain in animals.

Pain 101: The Latest Thinking About Pain Catastrophizing and Why It Matters for Chronic Pain
Catastrophizing predicts future pain and the response to treatment.

Brain Imaging of Pain: How Should It Be Used?
Ethical and legal concerns spark a report from an International Association for the Study of Pain task force.