Recent Highlights

NIH Announces HEAL Initiative to Combat Opioid Crisis
Pain research gets a boost in funding as part of the effort.

When the Immune System Attacks Its Own Proteins, Pain Can Emerge
Patients with autoantibodies against the protein CASPR2 have hyperexcitable nerve cells.

Could Cannabis Legalization Help Ease the Opioid Crisis?
Two recent studies show that legalization is associated with decreased opioid prescribing, but many questions remain.

Studying Sleep and Pain in Mice: A Chat With Alban Latremoliere
Pain researcher Alban Latremoliere discusses his recent work examining how sleep affects pain sensitivity, and why it matters for patients.

Sex and Gender Differences in Pain: A Chat With Edmund Keogh
Pain psychologist Edmund Keogh discusses the role that sex and gender play in the experience of pain.